Monday, 5 January 2015

Survival Rates

I spoke with David Walker @ Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists (AMVS) today. 

Only 7 dogs in UK between November 2012 and December 2014 have survived CRGV. Survival of CRGV dogs treated at AMVS and Royal Veterinary College (RVC) is 37% according to David Walker (AMVS) today. AMVS & RVC have saved 7 dogs out of 19 dogs treated for CRGV.  

For dogs treated at vets, survival rates are very much lower than at AMVS/RVC. This suggests to me that vets should be replicating the intensive management procedures of AMVS and the RVC or sending dogs diagnosed with CRGV to AMVS/RVC, without delay.

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